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Coming Soon! Cascadio, a Puzzle of Cascading Sums

Click here to play Cascadio on WebGL

Cascadio is inspired by a hydrology algorithm that maps the flow of water over land using elevation data, introducing a new puzzle mechanic

"I could totally play this on the toilet for hours"

"My Mom actually enjoys playing this game"

The code uses Deeplinking for quick and easy sharing across Android and iOS platforms

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, WebGL

Contact us for an Android or iOS build

We published our first game 'Finding Sutherland' in 2019 on the RED Hydrogen One platform, integrating with an SDK to create a holographic experience for the user

Highest Artistic Achievement -Utah Developers Choice Award
Tech Specific Grant -4Culture in Seattle WA

About our team

Creating Games through Art

Liz Black holds a Master of Fine Arts at State University of New York where she also taught 2D Design

Scott Black is a Software Developer with 10 years of professional experience working with distributed systems and web services in Java and Python

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